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Unfortunately at the moment none of the existing investment options are ideal. I feel the risks are too high or the returns are too low. In the future I plan on putting a higher percentage of my bitcoin portfolio to work as I discover more attractive investments.

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My portfolio holdings as of 9/08/2015.

Service Annual APY Bitcoins
BTCJam Autoinvest 44% 6.836586
Magnr (coming soon) 2.35% 2.70941771
Bit Bond NA% 0
BTCJam -37% 16.237737
Total NA 25.78373471

Exited Positions:

Date Service Annual APY Bitcoins
1/11/2015 Delta Financial 5% 8.2
9/08/2015 PurseArb 46% 2.5
10/1/2015 24% 0.10257980

Other holdings:

  • Ethereum

Investments I plan on Exploring:

  • Bit Bond - Like BTCJam - P2P bitcoin lending service.
  • Loanbase - Like BTCJam - P2P bitcoin lending service.
  • First Global Credit - Allows customers to get exposure to stock equities using bitcoin as collateral.
  • More Arbitrage - I’d love to put my arbitrage bot back to work.

Investments I’m Avoiding:

  • Bitfinex Swaps - UI was confusing and I don’t think I was earning.
  • Cloud Mining Contracts - ROI seems dubious and I’ve heard rumors some are ponzi schemes.
  • Mining - ROI has always seemed dubious to me. I’ve heard some players get government subsidies and some players get cheap electricity. I have no advantages in that game and I avoid it.
  • Shorting Bitcoins - Bitcoin is the most exciting tech I’ve seen since the Internet. I wouldn’t want to be short bitcoin ever. For those who do want to short, or go long even I recommend allows traders to go long or short bitcoin using bitcoin.


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