Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund

Special Limited Duration


Announcing… A Special Limited Offering Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund “The Intelligent Approach to Capitalizing on the Bitcoin/Crypto Boom”

A new Investment Fund has been formed by Bitcoin/Crypto professionals who are inviting aggressive accredited investors to join them as initial limited liability members/investors.

The Fund is suitable for investors interested in putting $5,000 to $100,000 in risk capital into the Bitcoin/ Crypto Currency space, but only with an experienced management team that thoroughly knows and understands the Bitcoin/Alternative/Crypto Currency phenomenon.


The Fund managers are long time Bitcoin and capital markets experts and believe there is a strong chance that the Bitcoin price will increase dramatically when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) lists Bitcoin derivatives. The CME listing has been approved and will occur on December 18, 2017 at which point the Bitcoin will gain significant added recognition and awareness by the worldwide investing public.

This Fund was formed specifically to allow qualified investors the opportunity to participate directly in the Bitcoin boom with the decisions and trading plans made by a management team that knows the Crypto Currency industry and capital markets intimately.

The Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund was formed for one function—the purchase of Bitcoins prior to or shortly after the CME and other exchange listings, and the sale of the coins as the price increases but no later than 90 days from the start of CME Bitcoin trading.

While the managing partners are long term believers in the future of crypto as an alternative world-wide currency, they believe Bitcoin is the best short term play in the group and could reasonably achieve prices of $50,000 to $100,000 or more shortly after the CME catalyst event.

Upon the sale of the Fund’s Bitcoins and close of the Fund each investor may receive their share value in wire transfer or in credit to a newly issued International Bitcoin based Visa Debit Card for the account balance.

There are no guarantees but there are a number of factors that support the strong case for significant trading volatility and price increases as the Bitcoin opens for trading on the CME and other exchanges:

We believe that the listing in December will be a catalyst event that will result in Bitcoin increasing by multiples to today’s prices. While the short sellers will be trying to drive the price down, they will likely be overwhelmed by the demand-and have to surrender to the bulls. This could be one of the great short squeezes in market history.

While the Fund sponsors are strongly bullish on the future prices for the Bitcoin and believe the upside is almost infinite, they believe the most dramatic increases will occur in the first 60—90 days after the CME listing. They are also aware that crypto is not without and risk and taking a sizable profit is always prudent.

Therefore the trading strategy will be to sell 30% of the fund holdings if the Bitcoin price reaches 5x1 the invested amount with the balance held until the manager decides to liquidate or 90 days from start of trading, whichever is sooner.

All Fund investment and administration will be based on the following Fund rules:

Highly experienced successful Fund Managing Partner

The Fund Managing Partner is David S. Smith, a widely recognized expert and long-time Bitcoin investor.


Until Thursday December 14th accredited investors can invest in this special limited opportunity.