Wire Instructions

To complete your subscription we need to receive a wire transfer with your investment funds. Read everything below carefully and if you have any questions email me

Payee Financial Institution

Name: Bank of America, NA

Address: Street: 222 Broadway City: New York State: NY zipcode: 10038

Account number: 375019668647
ABA Routing # 026009593


Name: Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund, LLC

	Street: 3250 W Clark Rd
	City: Lansing
	State: MI 
	zipcode: 48906-9364
	payee email: [email protected]
	payee phone: (313) 263-3661

Additional Information / notes -

Use your name and email address. Instead of the at symbol put “ at “ and instead of the period use a space for example “[email protected]” would become “dave at bitcoinbulls net”

Example Wire Transfer

Here is an example wire transfer.

Sample Wire Transfer Request