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I have 6 years experience in the 9-year-old bitcoin industry. Let me help you.

Thanks @DavidSilvaSmith for finally explaining #Bitcoin to me at #StartupGrind - Very interesting business concept as well. Keep conquering!

— Rich Langdale (@RichLangdale) February 18, 2015

In 2014 I gave 18 presentations and authored over 100 bitcoin articles. My articles were syndicated to sites like Yahoo finance and read an estimated 500,000 times.

You did a phenomenal job at the YPO and TNABC sessions!

Matthew Roszak, Founding Partner, Tally Capital

Engagement Starts with Preparation

I prepare for each presentation. I do not want to waste attendee’s time. I want to know who they are to tailor the message to fit their objectives. I have a call with the conference organizer to discuss what they are seeking from the talk. After identifying objectives I craft a story around the key message and supporting points. Lastly I create a Prezi to visually show the story. This makes one memorable picture the audience can use to visualize the key message. Prezi’s technology assists the story telling process by taking the audience through the story.

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About CEO David Silva Smith

David believes everyone deserves to be empowered. David believes bitcoin is the most empowering technology since the Internet. David has been interviewed for CBS MoneyWatch, NBC Chicago, USA Today, Money and Tech, spreading the word about bitcoin. David’s bitcoin articles have been featured on Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and Nasdaq. Mr. Smith has created an arbitrage bot, gogivecoin.com, and prototyped a person-to-person trading system. Prior to becoming engrossed in bitcoin, Smith built mobile apps for financial services companies. In his free time he enjoys playing frisbee and basketball with his ten year old son.